Game Fishing Sydney – Seasonal Guide

Sydney provides fantastic game fishing nearly all year round. With the continental shelf lying just 14 nautical miles from Sydney heads, the water depth starts dropping from 140 metres to well over 3000 metres out wide where the huge game fish patrol the deep sea, searching for food. If the conditions are right, sometimes you will find big Marlin will come within 10 nautical miles of Sydney Heads. Our professional boat Captains will ensure that you are fishing the right locations at the right times.

It is not uncommon for the average weight of the Blue Marlin that patrol Sydney waters to be around 150 kg, often over the ‘magic’ 200 kg mark. In 2011 several huge 350 kg Blue Marlin were caught. The biggest, caught 20 nautical miles off Sydney, weighed in at an impressive 374 kg. These incredible fish possess a huge amount of power and can swim off with 1000 metres of 37 kg line in under in a minute. They are notorious for leaving anglers shaken with their line with their line burning runs and powering across the surface like a scud missile. The best fish out of the Marlin species.


In late December, when the cobalt warm waters from the East Coast current begin to rush past Sydney carrying scores of baitfish, the Marlin begin to arrive. The Stripe Marlin are the first to appear, quickly followed by Black Marlin, then the mighty Blue Marlin. Huge Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi) are always plentiful along with Wahoo, other species of marlin, and big Yellowfin Tuna can be caught our wide.

During this period there are also plenty of ferocious sharks to be caught. Huge 600 kg Tiger sharks patrol the warm waters, accompanied by Bronze and Mako Sharks of up to 400 kg.


In the winter months, once the warmer water begins to abide, mighty Tuna begin to show in huge numbers. Yellowfin Tuna are the most common, averaging around 40 kg. However, bigger specimens (60 to 100 kg) are regularly found. Bluefin Tuna are also common with a size varying from 30 up to 100 kg. When the conditions are right, you’ll have a school feeding boat-side and they can be caught all day long.

Albacore to 35 kg are plentiful and are a great by catch when fishing for the bigger Tuna species. Whilst fisherman cube and burley for the Tuna, huge aggressive Mako sharks come out in force, sidling up to the boat to investigate the source of the bait. These sharks offer a fantastic fight combining line burning runs with spectacular aerial displays.

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