Sydney’s bar scene – 10 Best Bars in Sydney to visit this weekend

10 Best Bars in Sydney to visit this weekend

Sydney’s bar scene is among the coolest in the country so this week, we would like to share with your our top 10 hand-picked bars that will guarantee a great night.

  1. Button Bar, Surry Hills

Located on Foveaux Street in Surry Hills is a great after-work cocktail destination that has the perfect balance of quirk and sophistication. Its small but with lots of heart and the bar staff are friendly and experimental. Some of the coolest drinks I’ve tried have been there. I also hear it’s a great first-date spot. For the perfect start to the night, head straight to Button Bar. 

2. Zeta Bar, Hilton

Zeta Bar is sophisticated and pleasant. From it’s fireplace to the seating arrangements, it’s a comfortable and classy venue for get-togethers with friends. Their menus are great- both the drinks and foods are excellent and their staff is very friendly and accommodating. 

3. Zephyr Bar, Hyatt Regency

For drinks with a view, head straight to the freshly renovated Zephyr Bar, upstairs at the Hyatt Regency. With a spectacular view of Darling Harbour, it’s a great Saturday night destination.

4. Pocket Bar, Surry Hills

Pocket is a quirky, cosy little bar on Crown street that boasts some of the best cocktails in Sydney. With a retro setting, unique and tasty bar food it’s become a favourite of mine over the years.

5. In-Situ, Manly

I can only say good things about In-Situ- their service is impeccable, their margaritas are wonderful ( and only a fraction of the price every Tuesday and Thursday) and their fish tacos are simply to die for. Hands down my favourite bar in Manly.

6. Bucket List, Bondi

For the perfect beach-time atmosphere, you cannot go past the iconic Bucket List. The food’s great, the services is on point and the view is idyllic. 

7. Pelicano, Double Bay

Perfect for dancing and froses, Pelicano is a terrific destination if you feel like getting dressed up and dancing the night away. Its walls are often filled with local celebrities, models and prominent young elite. It’s also pretty good for dinner during the week! 

8. Palmer and Co, Abercrombie lane

Palmer and Co has a western kind of underground, vintage atmosphere and amazing cocktails. And it gets full- very, very full in-fact. If you want a fun and hip place on a Friday, look no further!

9. Marble Bar, Hilton

Marble Bar at the Hilton is one of the most beautiful bars I have ever been to. It has that olden Victorian vibe mixed with the perfect amount of old-school classic sophistication. Think expensive crystal wear and luxurious leather couches. The drinks are great, the staff is friendly and they host a good live gig.

10. Lobo Plantation, Clarence Street

Lucky last on the list is Lobo- one of my favourite and most unique bars. Similarly to Marble bar it has that vintage, sophisticated feel, however, it’s also very quirky. The music is loud, the cocktails are strong ( and often flaming) and the staff are absolutely delightful. A great place to visit any night of the week. 

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