Best Beaches on Sydney Harbour

Best Beaches on Sydney Harbour

Why not discover your own secret hide-away at one of the many spectacular hidden beaches around the Inner-Sydney coastline. There really is nothing better than finding that perfect spot to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate. The team at Sydney Harbour Exclusive has compiled a list of our absolute favorite hidden spots that you can visit and make your own this Summer, or perhaps even today!



This little gem of a spot is in my opinion one of the best spots in Sydney to watch the sun setting. It’s quite small and intimate, with spectacular views of the city. Definitely an ideal spot to unwind as it doesn’t get very crowded and surprisingly it’s only the locals that seem to gather here. If you’re after some uninterrupted alone time, this one’s the best option for you. Also perfect as a date setting- you pretty plus one will adore you always for taking them here!




Milk Beach is one of the prettiest beaches in the Eastern Suburbs. It’s secluded and retains an intimacy that is hard to describe. It’s a popular spot for fashion shoots and lots of photography work because you get the sophistication of Strickland House (you need to actually pass their grounds on the way to the beach unless you’re coming by boat); as well as the grassy areas, the idyllic shelly sand, and the magnificent cliffs. I adore this place for snorkeling and hanging out with friends and the fam in Summer. It doesn’t get quite as crowded as some of the more well known beaches in Sydney, and has a really cool, relaxed, holiday-esque atmosphere.


Congwong Beach La Peruse

Another fantastic, hidden spot is the Congwong Beach in La Peruse. I have especially fond and warm associations with this spot. I used to come here with an ex-partner of mine and we’d sit on the rocks for hours talking about absolutely everything in the world. Congwong is great for family outings, romantic hang-outs or just some occasionally needed you-time. For a while, it was my go-to thinking spot as I loved the fact that some days in Summer, I’d find myself at this beach completely alone. Apparently it’s also, terrific for snorkeling. Just a quick note to individuals with kids or those that are sensitive to the naked human form of diverse sizes and ages, other small beaches surrounding Congwong Beach have an optional policy regarding swimwear!



I remember how in love I was with this little place when a friend of mine first took me here years ago on one of our girlie outings. Years have flown past and really, nothing has changed. This is a big call but Parsley Bay is my favorite bay/ secluded beach in Sydney. It’s peaceful, breathtakingly beautiful, and painfully perfect for just about every summer-time occasion. We’ve gathered in its parky areas for picnics, casual parties. It’s a place where I adore doing laps just as much as floating on a blow-up pineapple and tanning, mocktail in hand. Every person I’ve ever taken to this gem of a spot has shared my enthusiasm and comes back every opportunity they get. I especially like that Parsley Bay feels so safe- it’s perfectly netted off so you can let the kids swim around safely and float around yourself, knowing there’s no need to worry about sharks and other nasties.



Nielsen’s Park is probably the least secret of the beaches on the list, but there’s good reasoning for that. It’s one of my favorite spots in Sydney- if you imagine one of those olden postcards of girls in their retro bikinis and kids building sand-castles, Nielsen’s Park comes very close. It’s picturesque and diverse in the sense that you can enjoy the perfect sandy areas, as well as the pretty parklands, surround it. I also like that there’s a cool café to get snacks from and the bathroom facilities are pretty good (and well maintained). Also like Parsley Bay, Nielsen’s Park is netted off so there’s no chance (or very minimal chances I should say) of sharks and other scary marine creatures. It’s the perfect spot for weekend (or week-day) hangouts with family and friends, where I always feel comfortable and safe,



Redleaf Beach is a pretty pretty spot. I visited it for the first time when I was doing a photo-shoot years ago. The photos taken that day are still among my faves as it is so idyllically beautiful that you can’t help but sense the peacefulness and perfect atmosphere, even though the photos. There’s something so romantic and special about Redleaf, the views are amazing, the sand is perfectly golden and sprinkled with the odd tiny seashell; and surprisingly it doesn’t get so packed in summer that you can’t even stretch your arms. On the contrary, it’s actually quite good in that sense- plenty of families and locals and not too many tourists and no one is ever rowdy or over the top (in terms of volume I should say). If you’re after serenity with a view, this one’s for you.

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