What Is The Cost Of Hiring A Charter Boat On Sydney Harbour

There is no better way to experience all that Sydney Harbour has to offer than cruising on your own private boat charter.

Sydney Harbour Exclusive offers a huge range of charter boats with options for the more budget-minded to the most luxurious charter yachts available in Sydney.
Our long term relationship with Sydney boat captains and the vast volume of business we provide them means you can rest assured of the lowest prices in the industry.

Prices between charter boats vary considerably depending on your selection of boat and the vast beverage and catering options available. Sydney Harbour Exclusive specialise in providing our clients not only the best price available but advise them on the best options for their budget and requirements. We always strive to make your party, corporate event or wedding truly memorable.

Boat Charter Costs:
Essentially every private boat charter includes the following costs

  • Boat Charter Hire – Usually based a minimum of 4 hours but some offer 3 hours in low season or during midweek.
  • Catering – Our charter boats offer a full range of catering options from a selection of canapes to on-board BBQs and seafood buffets to full sit down 3-course meals.
  • Beverages – By far the cheapest option for people who wish to enjoy their cruise with more than just a couple drinks is to opt for a beverage package however most boats also offer a consumption bar and some even BYO
  • Wait Staff – In most cases wait staff are required by law to serve food and drinks on charter boats for safety reasons.
  • Wharf Fees – All boats are required to pay a small fee for both pickup and drop off at Sydney Wharf Locations

For a sample charter boat costings click here or call Sydney Harbour Exclusive for a detailed quote to meet your requirements and budget.




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