Masterchef on Sydney Harbour Starship Aqua

 MasterChef Australia on Sydney Harbour: Jess, Ben and Sashi battle it out in the Semi-Final Elimination Challenge on The Starship Aqua

In the elimination challenge to decide the top 3 finalists for 2018, Masterchef’s Jess, Ben and Sashi cooked up a storm on our incredible floating venue, The Starship Aqua whilst cruising the picturesque Sydney Harbour. The contestants faced the challenge of cooking for some of the best chefs in the country.

Jock Zonfrillo from Orana, Danielle Alvarez from Fred’s, Lennox Hastie from Firedoor and Ross Lusted from The Bridge Room were the guest judges for the day, determining the two most impressive dishes and sending their creators into the semi-final, with the losing contestant exiting out of the competition.

It was an ideal setting for such a challenge and a wonderful day on the Harbour enjoyed by the contestants and star chefs alike.

Jess, the youngest in this year’s competition went home after the elimination, claiming the day was a beautiful experience. Ben and Sashi wowed the judges and went on to compete in the final of Masterchef 2018.

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