Pack like a Pro for your Tropical Getaway

Pack like a Pro for Your Tropical Getaway

Learning to pack like a pro is an artform, follow these tips for your most optimised packing experience yet! Ensure you always have something to wear and are prepared for all that your holiday has to offer.

  1. Make a checklist of all the items you need prior to beginning your packing. This will ensure you don’t forget anything and that you don’t over-pack. Seeing items written out allows you to use logic rather than spontaneity (because really, we don’t use at least a third of items we pack on the whim). Tuck this checklist into your suitcase and go over each item while re-packing to go home. Say goodbye to lost phone charges, watches and sunglasses left in hotel rooms.
  2. First aid items such as painkillers, gastro-stoppers, band-aids, paw-paw ointment, sunscreen and antihistamines are absolute musts. It’s also great to pack a good probiotic as your stomach bacteria can often change whilst travelling, causing all sorts of unwanted effects. Ensure you pack your usual vitamins or invest in a quality multi-vitamin to support optimal immune function.
  3. Choose a colour palette before you start packing. A lot of the time we pack random items and never end up wearing them- if you aren’t sure, navy, greys, beiges and whites will suit almost any climate and destination. By coordinating these colours together, you will ensure you always have something to wear, don’t overpack and have a cohesive wardrobe.
  4. When heading to a tropical destination, pack lots of swimwear. This is the one area where you can over-pack as you may need to do a few changes throughout the day.
  5. Roll your clothes while packing- not only will you save a lot of precious suitcase space, but clothing is much less likely to crinkle and need a post unpacking iron/steam. Tuck smaller items into larger items for consolidation and protection. Socks inside shoes; scarves and small garments into handbags. This will not only save space but allow shoes and accessories to keep their shape during travel.
  6. Do some research beforehand to determine the kind of footwear you will need. Ensure you have some loose items such as light loose shirts if you expect to spend a lot of time in the sun. And don’t forget other protective clothing such as hats and sunglasses.
  7. Travel is dehydrating (especially long flights), it’s always a good idea to invest in a hydrating serum or facial oil to trap moisture ensuring you look fresh when you arrive at your destination. Sheet masks of all kinds (look for variants containing hyaluronic acid) are a great in-flight moisture replenishing treat.

Most importantly- ensure you pack all relevant documents and keep them together in a safe place in your hand luggage. Make sure all large items have a tag with your details and are locked and safety-wrapped (this is applicable for overseas trips) before checking them in. Happy travels- we hope you have an amazing time!

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