Best Party Charter Boat Hire On Sydney Harbour

Best Party Charter Boat Hire On Sydney Harbour

Best Party Charter Boat Hire On Sydney Harbour

There is simply no better way to spend your special party day then on your own private charter boat on Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Harbour Exclusive specialise in Birthday Partyy, Anniversaries & Work Christmas Functions on Sydney Harbour. As Sydney’s premier charter boat and events agency we strive not only to provide you with the best price but also the best advice and options to ensure your party is truly memorable.

Whilst you are more than welcome to discuss your party requirements with our team of expert consultants here is some guideline that you can follow yourself to narrow down the best charter boat for your needs.

Number Of Guests For Party –   Once you know how many guests you expect to attend your party you can start looking for a charter boat that meets your needs. Every charter boat in our fleet shows its maximum capacity but as a rule you should look for a boat that does not just meets your guests numbers but exceeds your guests numbers. You do not want your party guests to feel to crowded.

Additionally you will want to consider for your party

  • Weather – in hot weather you will probably want more outdoor space for your party to take in the beautiful sites – where as during colder seasons you may want more indoor space
  • Entertainment – Do you require space for a dance floor or space for speeches for your party?
  • Catering – would you like your party guests to be seated during dinner or would you guests prefer to stand and socialise with canapes?
  • Food – do your guests have any special dietary requirements or aversion to some foods?
  • Beverages – will most people in your party be drinking or only a few?
  • Location – what is the most convenient pickup and drop off location for your guests on Sydney Harbour

By discussing your party requirements with guests prior to booking your charter will ensure a more enjoyable party for all.

If in doubt please feel free to discuss  your party requirements with a Sydney Harbour Exclusive consultant who will assist you to find the best option for your needs and budget,  ensuring your party is everything you could want it to be.

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