The Islands of Sydney

Sydney is home to some of the most historical islands in Australia. Whether you are a local or a visitor, these 10 beautiful landmarks deserve a visit. Pack a picnic, and you’re your nearest and dearest along for your very own Sydney island hopping experience.

Clark Island

This little Island just off Darling Point is an idyllic spot for a picnic or special celebration. From its humble beginnings as a veggie garden, it is now available for casual visits or private island hire.

Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island is the largest of the island on Sydney Harbour. It’s had numerous uses throughout the years- from prison, to reformatory school for girls and naval shipbuilding dock. It’s been open for public visits since 2007 and in the last decade become a popular spot for festivals. Another perfect spot for a picnic, BBQ or if you’re feeling active- a game of tennis.

Dangar Island

This forested Hawkesbury River Island is a small island that’s known for the abundance of fish in the region. It’s one of the few islands that’s populated- however, no cars are permitted on this little piece of paradise. Take a ferry over and explore!

Fort Denison

Located near Bennelong Point, Fort Denison is the tiny island infamous for its distinctive Martello tower. Once used as isolation cell for prisoners, Fort Dennison has transitioned into a much more prestigious venue offering fancy dining, extravagant NYE parties, wedding celebrations and special private events.

Goat Island

Originally used as a naval arsenal in the late 1820s, Goat Island was originally used as a naval arsenal in the late 1820s, followed by a sandstone quart for gangs of convicts in the 1830s. More recent times have seen the island used as a set for the 90’s show Water Rats. Great place and unusual place to take a scenic stroll and unwind.

Rodd Island

Rodd Island, also known as Rabbit Island or Snake Island is a tiny piece of land that you can see whilst doing the ever-popular Bay Run. Known for becoming the very first recreation reserve in Sydney. Rodd Island is one of the quieter islands meaning it’s the perfect place for a private picnic or lunch.

Scotland Island

Located 35 kilometres north of Sydney CBD, Scotland Island in Pittwater is one of the only two residential islands in the Sydney area. Since the ’60s, Scotland Island has become home to a warm community that has embraced offshore living. Come see it for yourself, you may even want to stay.

Spectacle Island

The spectacular shape of this island gave it its unique name. From a birds-eye view, you can see it’s, in fact, two small islands joined by a narrow peninsula. Used as a navy base in the late 1800s and early 1900s, it is now a popular destination for a quiet stroll with spectacular views.

Wedding Cake Island

About a kilometre offshore from Coogee Beach, the beautiful Wedding Cake Island acts as a wave breaker for the giant waves in the area. It’s quite quiet and all rocks and water for anyone wanting some serene time.

Bare Island in La Perouse

The small island was once a place to “ward off invaders”. It was used as a retirement home for war vets after Australia became a federation, followed by a more recent cameo in Mission Impossible 2. You can tour the island on Sundays. The waters surrounding Bare Island are known to locals as a magnificent site for diving.


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